Changing Inside Out

The willow tree

Posted on: 12/21/2010

It was a thought cloaked in mist, the fall colors sprinkled on the ground, the cherry tree in full bloom and the way the air smelled that drew me.

The willow tree, its long vine like branches hanging almost to the ground, the sound of the wind moving through them as I l lay in its shade, I remember this.  I walk, eyes closed and arms outstretched, through the branches. A jungle, the thunder of elephants, the roar of a lion? A magical land of fairy wings and unicorns?

Who could have known that willow, that weeping, wispy, magical willow would be a place of adventure and peace.  It’s roots having  grown deep into the earth, perhaps intentionally, grasped the fertile soil of my young heart, where it’s magic and beauty remain forever green.


1 Response to "The willow tree"

A beautiful piece of writing!! Happy holidays to you!

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