Changing Inside Out

Writing is an invitation to share experiences

Posted on: 12/17/2010

“I chose to teach the English language because it has power over me.”  That is a quote from a profile I had to get for the student newspaper.   It so inspired me.

When I was  growing up I was taught to keep my feeling to myself, so I learned to internalize.  Perhaps it was years of shoving my feelings down, that caused written expressions to surface.   Darwin said “What goes up, must come down,” maybe in this aspect, what goes down, must come up.

When I began to write poetry, I found my inner most feelings filled the page.  I would cry, be angry, laugh and feel love though the words I penned.   Then one day I began to share those writings and found that others were experiencing the same feelings from my words.

I discovered I can take you through a flower garden and cause you to smell the roses, or walk along a stream and get you to hear the tune of water spilling over rocks.   That is the power of words.

That is what I hope to give my future students, the ability to express, and in that expression move others to change and build hope and encouragement.    Come..walk with me on a snowy day, swim with me in a hidden lagoon or stand with me on a hill covered with wild flowers. Come, share what is in my heart.   Is that not what life is really about, heart to heart we can change the world.

Thank you Father in heaven, for the ability to write what you place in my heart.


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I’m glad to see you doing what makes you happy. 🙂

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