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Lost Spirit of Christmas

Posted on: 12/05/2010

Christmas is almost here, the decorations are going up everywhere. Ah the splendor of the season, the goodies, the gifts, family gathered round the tree.   Oh the headaches it brings for so many people.

Americans spend so much money at Christmas time.  They put their self in debt, stress out over what gift to buy, feel guilty if they cant get the biggest and the best or nothing at all.  When did it all get so complicated, and materialistic?

Paul taught in Corinthians that God loves a cheerful giver, he blesses your gift, no matter the amount.  What is given from the heart is the most precious gift anyone can receive. The cards and things my kids made at school and brought home to me were the best gifts I ever received, they were gifts of love.

I think that is the point in our society. We have become a nation of “things.” Keeping up with Jones’ has taken on a whole new life.  So many work to have, rather than to live.  We are more concerned with what people think of the gift we bought them, than what they know of the love we have for them.

“And the greatest of these is LOVE.  That is what Jesus told the disciples.  You can have all the money and treasures in this world, but if you don’t have love…. what good is it. Love is not an emotion that we have just around Christmas.

We send Christmas cards that speak of blessings and joy and warmth to people we don’t think about for the rest of the year. Some give gifts to boost our careers, or find favor with those we believe are a rung in the ladder to success.  Gift giving is sometimes more for “what will I get in return”  rather than being a blessing to someone.

How sad that we have 365 days in a year, countless opportunities to bless those around us, our family or friends or even a stranger.  What do we do, we shove it all to one day, make it about the biggest and best, spend money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like and call it Christmas. We would do better to give it to the beggar on the street.

Wow  how upsetting that must be for Jesus, that we have turned his birth into something that lacks the true spirit of love and giving.

Christ was a love gift from God.  He did not give us wealth in material things out of his love for us, he gave us what we desperately needed.  He gave a gift that last through eternity, Jesus doesn’t become outdated, or sold out.  He was he perfect gift at the perfect time…given from a heart of love  that wanted no more than to have us with him forever.

Isn’t that what Christmas needs to get back to?  Do we not need to take our eyes off the material wealth of the world and put them back on the prize?

Love, Love Love, Love, Love,Love…All Ya Need is Love!  Wonder if the Beetles understood the roots of the message they were sending with that song.


2 Responses to "Lost Spirit of Christmas"

For many people this is what Christmas is all about. 🙂

yes it is…and I am thrilled that so many have not forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I just feel bad for those who over do and get themselves in debt..when it is not really necessary. Just wrap up some love and put it under the tree for me and Im doin the happy dance.

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